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Feniex Fusion 800 Stick


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Feniex Fusion™ lights stand out– they are the brightest and most versatile in the industry. Count on maximum visibility when you mount Fusion™ 800 Lightsticks to the interior or exterior of your emergency vehicles– especially head ache racks or rear headliners. The innovative Fusion™ 800 Lightstick is also completely customizable: available in a wide variety of single or dual colors and mounting options, select 40° light spread for long-range visibility or 180° light spread for wide-range visibility.

Tip: Need additional brackets?  Note the selections above only include (1) L-bracket, headliner bracket or window mount bracket. Only end cap mounts come in sets of (2). 


  • 5 year warranty
  • Available in 180° or 40° light spread optics
  • Single or dual-color configurations available
  • Mounting options (sold seperately): Headliner Bracket Single L-Bracket, Window Mount, End-Cap Mount
  • Flood capable in dual-color
  • 1 programmable mode for single color (includes takedown/work light)
  • 2 programmable modes for dual color (includes takedown/work light and flood)
  • 16 flash patterns for single color 57 for dual color (including flood pattern)
  • Rugged weather-resistant enclosure
  • Made in the USA

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  • Input Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Current Draw: 5 Amps
  • Cable Harness: 10 feet
  • Single Color: 48 High-power 4-watt Cree LEDs
  • Dual Color: 96 High-power 4-watt Cree LEDs
  • L:37.46in x H:1.3in x D:2.25in
  • Made in the USA
Color Options

All Red, All Green, All Blue, All White, All Amber, Half Red-Blue, Half Red-White, Half Red-Amber, Half Blue-Amber, Half Blue-Green, Half Green-Amber, Half Amber-White, Alternating Red-Blue, Alternating Red-White, Alternating Red-Amber, Alternating Blue-Amber, Alternating Blue-Green, Alternating Green-Amber, Dual Red/Amber +120, Dual Blue/Amber +120, Dual White/Amber +120, Dual Red/White +120, Dual Blue/White +120, Dual Red/Blue +120


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